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Metropolitan Police - issued computer security warning

The Metropolitan Police Service have issued the following warning to residents and housing associations.

"There is a recent international scam just hitting London where by people are receiving a message on their computer stating that the computer is now blocked by the Metropolitan Police Service and they now have to pay the Met £100 in order to unblock the computer.

The message has the Met Police logo on it and appears legitimate. There are many reasons given on the message for the blocking such as unlawful or restricted downloading, blogging, uploading or viewing of illicit or restricted sites.

This is a VIRUS. The computer will remain blocked and unusable until it is taken to a shop for repair. Generally it will need to be wiped and all the information on the computer will be lost. Clearly paying any demanded money will not rectify the problem.

The scam first hit Strathclyde Police with their own logo on the message. It has now hit nationally with the Met Police logo on. Victim should initially contact their local police service to report the incident however any reported to the Met / Wandsworth Police regardless of where the victims are will need to be dealt with my us (Metropolitan Police)."


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