Leaseholders and Shared Owners

This section has everything you need to know about your home


Welcome to our leasehold section for existing shared owners and leaseholders. Viridian is proud to be a member of the Leasehold Excellence Network with a commitment to drive up service quality, performance and leaseholder satisfaction. In this section you can find some useful information about being a home owner; we hope this will help you with the management of your home and answer your questions.

My home

Buying a greater share of my home

'Staircasing' is the term used for buying more shares in your shared-ownership home. Your lease determines how and when you staircase. If you’re thinking about staircasing, have a good read of your lease to make sure you understand how it applies to you.


Your lease

Your lease is a legal contract between you and Viridian Housing. It sets out the rights and obligations of both parties. You can find out what's contained in your lease as well as a guide on how to extend it below.

Money, saving, advice

Service charges

You will receive an annual Service Charge Statement of Account, which gives a detailed breakdown of costs for the year. All charges go towards delivering services and covering our administrative costs. We do not make a profit. Our figures are all verified by an external auditor and we are confident that they are fair for everyone. We are also committed to being 100% transparent. You are able to see copies of all our invoices for costs applying to your development.


A defect can be classed as component failure or poor workmanship that causes a construction failure during the defects liability period (usually 12 months from the contract completion date). A defect must be reported within the defects liability period as afterwards the contractor may not be liable to remedy any problems.


Generally, if you own 100% of your property, then you are permitted to sublet your home. However, shared owners are not allowed to sublet their properties unless special permission is granted in certain circumstances. Find out more below:


Generally, if you own 100% of your property, then you are permitted to sublet your home. Depending on the terms of your lease, you may have to register certain details of the sublet with Viridian and your mortgage provider. In all cases of subletting, you will need to ensure that Viridian has your forwarding address and that you (not your tenant) continues to make your monthly payments.

If you live in a property where your services are delivered by a Management Company or Agent, the decision about subletting may rest with them. If this situation applies to you, please call your Property Manager who can advise you about this.

Shared owners

Usually, shared owners are not allowed to sublet their properties, due to restrictive clauses in the lease. This is because Viridian receives government funding to build shared ownership properties and the restriction is placed in the lease by the Homes and Communities Agency, who oversee the shared ownership scheme.

However, Viridian and the Homes and Communities Agency recognise that residents may face difficult circumstances where a short period of subletting may assist in resolving the problem. We are therefore able to grant permission in some circumstances. If you feel you would like to discuss this further, please contact your Property Manager who will discuss whether subletting is possible.

If you are found to be subletting without our permission, you are in breach of your lease and could lose your property. We would encourage all leaseholders and shared owners to contact Viridian prior to considering subletting.

Additional charges

Certain requests made to us are chargeable; this includes requests where there is an administrative cost (eg. providing a copy of a lease, or where solicitors costs will be incurred). If you would like further information on these charges, please call the Alternative Housing Options team on 0330 123 0220.