This section has everything you need to know about your home


If you rent with Viridian this section has everything you need to know, including different ways to pay rent, our repairs response times, information about what repairs you are responsible for, and lots more.

Making a payment

Ways to pay your rent

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What repairs am I responsible for?

We will keep your home in a reasonable state of repair, although there are repairs you are responsible for. It is your responsibility to keep your home and internal decorations in good condition.

You can also read guidelines on repairs response times in this section, so you can find out how quickly we'll get to you.

Your tenancy

Your tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement is the legal contract between you and Viridian. Find out more about tenancy types as well as information about your responsibilities as a resident and ours as a landlord.

Insurance, loss, protect

Contents insurance

It's up to you to insure your personal possessions. If you need contents insurance you can apply through a special scheme called ‘My Home’.

It’s designed for tenants by the National Housing Federation - a charity that represents housing associations. The scheme is easy to apply for and offers competitive pricing as well as flexible payment options. By acting today, you'll protect your belongings from fire, theft, water bursts and vandalism.