Hate crime

Find out how to report hate crime


What is hate crime?

Hate crimes and hate incidents are when someone makes threats to you or is violent towards you or is abusive, or harasses you because you are perceived to be a part of a certain social group.

Examples of such groups can include but are not limited to: gender, ethnicity, disability, language, nationality, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Some police forces in the UK also recognise that alternative sub-cultures also experience hate crime/hate incidents.  These incidents are based on someone’s appearance and interests – goths, emos, punks and other similar groups.

How does hate crime happen

  • Below is a list of behaviours some victims of hate crime/hate incidents may experience:
  • Harassment/stalking – When someone continuously interacts with you against your will, which causes you to feel threatened, scared or distressed.
  • Graffiti/criminal damage or arson –  writing offensive language on walls or front doors, desecrating your home, damage to your car or your home.
  • Cyber-bullying – Using Twitter, Facebook , Instagram , Whatsapp, Snapchat and other forms of social media to say hurtful, distressing and unkind things.
  • Verbal abuse or bullying – being called offensive names,  which may include how you dressed if you are a part of an alternative sub-culture.
  • Assaults – physical attacks such as hitting, punching, pushing, spitting
  • Threats of violence – threat to kill, or threats to harm
  • Communication – hate mail, hate emails, abusive telephone calls

What can you do

Report the incident to the police:

If you are at immediate risk call 999, for non urgent reports to the police dial 101.

Report incident to Viridian Housing ASB team:

We prioritise dealing with hate crimes and hate incidents. All information is dealt with confidentially and we can also liaise with the Police and other partnership agencies on your behalf to deal with Hate Crime.

Keep any evidence

If you have received hate related letters, notes, emails, voicemail message, texts or any hate related material via social media please share this with the police.  Also take photos of offensive graffiti.

How Viridian Housing can help

An ASB Officer from Viridian Housing will contact you to discuss your report of Hate Crime in confidence, and with your consent agree an action plan on how best to move forward. They will also be able to discuss any support needs and referrals to specialist agencies.

Hate Crime support agencies

Tell MAMA – Supports victims of Anti-Muslim hate crime.

Stop Hate UK – A leading national organisation working to challenge all forms of hate crime and discrimination.