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Rent a property from us


How to rent from us

To rent a home from us the first thing you should do is contact your local council. You can find your local council details through Directgov.

If you are referred to us we will let you know about homes we have available that suit your needs. One of our housing officers will talk to you and help you complete an application form before an offer can be made.

Find out more in the finding a home leaflet.

Lettings policy

Our lettings policy sets out our criteria for letting properties to new customers, offering transfers to existing customers, and when we will approve mutual exchanges.

All Viridian properties are offered to customers in line with the size criteria that applies to the social rented sector. These allow for one bedroom for each person or couple living as part of the household, with the following exceptions:

  • Two children under 16 of same gender expected to share
  • Two children under 10 expected to share regardless of gender
  • Disabled tenant or partner who needs non-resident overnight carer will be allowed an extra bedroom
  • Approved foster carers will be allowed an additional room so long as they have fostered a child, or became an approved foster carer in the last 12 months.
  • Adult children in the armed forces will be treated as continuing to live at home when deployed on operations.

We will not offer properties that are larger than a household is permitted under these size criteria, and customers will also be assessed to ensure they can afford to pay the rent on any property they might be offered. These conditions will apply to all customers, including those who are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and those not on benefits.

Viridian residents

If you're already a Viridian resident you can apply to be moved to another property, this is called a transfer. More details on how to apply for a transfer can be found here.

Contact us

If you would like more information please contact us on 0330 123 0220.