Cleaning and grounds maintenance

Providing residents with value for money services


As part of our commitment to providing value for money services for our residents, we’ve been reviewing our cleaning and grounds maintenance.

Our cleaning and gardening project team have been working diligently to look at how we can streamline our services without compromising on quality.

After a thorough procurement process, we have shortlisted the contractors we intend to use from May 2017:

Area Contract type Contractor Contract start date
West Midlands (Lot 2) Cleaning Service Master Contract Services TBC
West Sussex/South (Lot 9) Grounds and cleaning Groundscapes Limited May 22, 2017
North London (Lot 4) Grounds Out There Services May 22, 2017
South West London (Lot 6) Grounds Groundscapes Limited May 22, 2017
South East London (Lot 8) Grounds Groundscapes Limited May 22, 2017
London - N, SE and SW (Lot 10) Cleaning Chequers Contract Services July 2017

A new contract has not yet been identified in the East Midlands. We are working with existing contractors to identify a solution in the interim.

Optivo's DLO will continue to provide the cleaning and grounds maintenance service in areas where they have done this previously.

All residents who are affected by the change in contractors, and currently pay service charges, will be receiving a letter and an information leaflet giving further details about the process and how you can feedback to Optivo.

The new contract does not indicate a frequency for contractor visits as it is output based. This means contractors are not required to be on site on specific days. We will be monitoring contractors based on the standard of work. We will be using the HouseMark Photobook and the contract specification to monitor the standard. HouseMark is a not for profit social housing community organisation.

The Photobook is made up of pictures of various sites. The cleaning and grounds maintenance providers will be using the Photobook with customers and staff to meet the required standards. The quality of the work is measured against the Photobook. Optivo staff will carry out estate inspections to check the standard of estate services

The HouseMark PhotoBook sets out four standards:

A - Very good
B - Satisfactory
C - Poor
D - Totally unacceptable and a service failure.

Optivo will expect a minimum B standard at all times, with an A standard after all visits by the contractor for cleaning, caretaking services, and grounds maintenance services.

If any inspection results in a C or D standard in any element of the inspection a rectification notice will be served on the contractor. This gives the contractor the opportunity to resolve the issue within a defined time limit, usually 48 hours. If the issue isn’t resolved to our satisfaction a default notice will be served on the contractor which can result in financial penalties.

Additionally should you believe that standards on your estate do not meet a B please contact your housing officer.

Please find below a link to the summary of observations from the second consultation of the London cleaning we carried out with residents in March 2017.

Summary of Observations

If you have any queries, please speak to Section 20 Lead, Abena Berkoh on 0330 123 0220 or you can email