Repairs responsibilities

Find out about what repairs you are responsible for


You can find information about what repairs you are responsible for as well as information on repairs response times on this page.

Repairs responsibilities

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We will keep your home in a reasonable state of repair, but there are repairs you are responsible for. It is your responsibility to keep your home and internal decorations in good condition.

You are responsible for:

  • Clearing blockages to waste pipes
  • Replacing tiles you have damaged
  • Repairing connections to your dishwasher or washing machine
  • Fixing or replacing broken toilet seats
  • Keeping your home free from condensation and mould

Please note that the repairs responsibilities described above are for tenants. Viridian do not carry out internal repairs on leasehold or shared-ownership flats. Information for leaseholders and shared owners.

Response categories


We have three response categories

Four-hour emergency

This is where there is an immediate risk to health and safety. For example, we will board up a broken window when you have a police crime reference number within four hours.

24-hour emergency

This applies to situations which may cause severe inconvenience to residents, make parts of their home uninhabitable, or where there is a health and safety risk. For example, this may include loss of cooking facilities or a broken smoke alarms and lighting circuits.


Routine means repairs and maintenance items that we class as non emergencies. We aim to complete the work within 28 days of a reported problem, and to agree an appointment time that is convenient to you. An example might be loss of heating during the summer.

We aim to stick to these target times, but sometimes we may need to order extra parts, or call on specialist help, which can delay a repair. We will keep you informed at all times.

Case study

We attended an emergency repair on a Saturday morning to make a window safe as it was not closing properly. Our operative, Salim, carried out the work but realised that Mrs Thorne did not feel comfortable as her flat is on the ground floor, and the window wouldn’t lock.

He spoke to the on-call manager to get approval for him carrying out a full repair, left Mrs Thorne temporarily to get the parts needed and then returned later in the morning and completed the work.

Mrs Thorne was left feeling safe in her home, and shows how our operatives go over and above the call of duty to see a job through!


Satisfaction Survey Prize Draw Winners

We carry out regular satisfaction surveys on the repairs that we carry out, and every month we choose three respondents at random who each win gift vouchers.

March's winners are Andrew Lynch and Ismail Aman.

Repairs Standards Survey Results

At the begining of the year, we went to Viridian's tenant consultation group, The Loop, to ask them about repairs. This included a consultation meeting as well as online survey (which has now closed), asking about various issues - repairs responsibilities, response times, what would you like us to report to you on, booking appointments, and how best to bring you news and updates.

We had a great response with some extremely useful suggestions and feedback.

In terms of the repairs responsibilities, around half of the respondents knew what repairs Viridian were responsible for, with a similar amount knowing where to find confirmation if they were unsure. Because 50% were not clear, we will be raising awareness around responsibilities using a variety of methods to ensure you know how we can help you, and what you are responsible for. Watch this space!

We were also told that you wanted to know about levels of satisfaction and how long it takes to complete repairs. This information will appear here on the website for you.

When we asked whether we could improve the way we booked repairs appointments, we heard that sending you text messages with an estimated time of arrival would be useful. Requests for an online booking service were also made. We are actually in the process of tendering for a new Repairs IT system, with the aim of going live later this year. We have requested that the new system has the ability to do both and we will keep you  up to date with developments.

And although we use the website to keep you up to date with any news or stories around repairs, we were also told that texts and emails were actually the way you'd prefer us to update you, where possible.

Finally we asked whether residents would be interested in a service where you paid for us to carry out jobs that were actually your responsibility, like decorating or gardening. This received positive feedack so we will look to set up a pilot scheme this summer to see how popular it is.

We will keep you updated here on the website on all of these developments, and thank you once again to The Loop for their help!