No Homes for Domestic Abuse

If you're experiencing domestic abuse we can help


At Viridian we have campaign called No Homes for Domestic Abuse; this means we take domestic abuse very seriously. We know that in the UK 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives, and we are working to help stop this.

What is domestic abuse?

The UK government's definition of domestic violence is 'any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over, who are, or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality.

The definition also includes Female Genital Mutilation, 'Honour' Based Violence and Forced Marriage

The abuse can take different forms including

  • Physical – hitting, pushing, slapping, pinching, spitting
  • Financial – taking your money, withholding money for essential items
  • Psychological – mind games, making you feel like it's all your fault, isolating you
  • Sexual – making you do things you are not comfortable doing, videoing or photographing you against your will or without your knowledge
  • Emotional – calling you names, making you feel worthless, using children
How do I report domestic abuse?

If you feel threatened or afraid of someone in your home, or have concerns that another resident is experiencing domestic abuse, please let us know. We are here to help.

You can do this online or call us on 0330 123 0220.

Remember, if you or someone else or in immediate danger call 999

What will we do next?
  • An officer who has received specialist domestic abuse training will contact you within one working day to asses your situation
  • We understand speaking about your experiences can be difficult so if you would prefer to meet with a man or a woman let us know. Also we can come and meet you at a place you feel safe and comfortable
  • We can make links with other organisations that are there to support you, such as Women's Aid and Victim Support
  • We may refer you to other agencies that can offer support
  • We may take legal action against the perpetrators
  • We will draw up an action plan regarding special measures to keep you safe in your home, organising emergency accommodation and accessing independent legal advice
What can you do next?
  • Stay in contact with us
  • Contact local organisations for specialist advice
  • Call 999 in an emergency
Where can I get advice on my options?

There are lots of organisations offering advice and support including:

  • National Domestic Violence 24-hour Helpline: 0808 2000 247
  • LAWRS – Latin American Women’s Rights (Latin speaking) Domestic Violence Team: 020 7336 0888 (Ext 2)
  • IKWRO (Iranian & Kurdish Women’s Rights) Kurdish / Arabic: 07846 275246
  • Farsi / Dari / Turkish: 07846 310157
  • Ashiana (Sheffield): 0114 255 740/
  • Ashiana (London): 020 8539 9656
  • Irish & Irish Traveller Advice & Support Services: 020 7619 1350 /
LGBTQ specialist services


Advice Line (male worker may answer): 020 7359 5767

Office: 020 7359 6242


Helpline (male worker may answer): 0845 260 4460

Men's services

Men’s Advice Line

Freephone helpline number: 0808 801 0327

Monday - Friday 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm

Support for those who want to change offer help for people who want to change their behaviour and end violence and abuse toward their families.

If you are interested in changing your behaviour and/or want to find out more, please contact

All enquiries will be treated in confidence and we will never share information without informing you first.

Survivors' stories

Domestic abuse

‘S’ was in an abusive relationship with her partner for over 10 years.

‘’He was always very controlling, telling me what to wear, who to talk to but it didn’t start off violent. He would turn up at my workplace with flowers, always FaceTime me and buy me clothes that he said suited me. Then I got pregnant and he started to say I shouldn’t work or go out…"

"I didn’t really have any friends or family nearby so I never argued. Then when our baby was one month old, he kicked me because I said I was thinking about going back to work – from then the abuse just got worse. I thought I would never be able to leave but Viridian have helped me to keep myself and my son safe, they have organised the police injunction, us moving – even when I have had my wobbly moments. Now instead of looking over my shoulder all the time, I am looking forward to the future with my son’’


‘R’ was with his abusive partner for seven years

‘’I was embarrassed at first because I am a man and men are not supposed to be afraid or get beaten by women. My partner had many problems and she would take them out on me and our young child. Once she threw a chair through the window of his bedroom and there was glass all over his bed and floor."

"I knew then I needed to get some help. Viridian were very discreet and treated me with respect. They helped me to understand that this was domestic abuse and then they worked with my family to get us to safety. I cannot thank them enough.’’