Find out about our approach to safeguarding


Safeguarding is about protecting vulnerable adults and children from abuse and neglect. It's also about making sure people are helped to get good access to the support they need to get the most of out of their lives and to get full equal rights.

Safeguarding children and adults is everyone’s responsibility and the mistreatment of any child or adult is not acceptable. Remember, doing nothing is not an option.

We work with many agencies to prevent identify and respond to allegations of abuse or neglect. This includes domestic abuse and people who might have their liberty restricted because of a lack of ability to fully understand their situation.

If you suspect abuse or neglect is taking place in a Viridian property report it by calling us on 0330 123 0220. You can also report it to the local authority safeguarding team.

Anyone raising a concern that a child or adult is being abused or neglected will be taken seriously and we will act promptly and appropriately.

Additional Information

If there is an imminent threat to life or a crime being committed, you should telephone 999 and ask for the police.

For any concerns which may involve a Crime, contact should be made as soon as possible with the Police by telephoning 101.

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